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​Frequently Asked Questions 

  • 1. How do I place my order? Just call between 9am & 5pm 7 days a week. 
  • 2. Do you charge a deposit when I place my order? No 
  • 3. When should I place my order? We welcome last minute orders but for bigger parties reserve early.
  • 4. How long is the rental period? Most items are about 24 hours. If needed some orders can be picked up on Friday and Returned on Sunday. Just ask we are flexible.
  • 5. Can you handle very large events with as many as 1000 people?  Yes with plenty of notice.
  • 6. Can I make changes to my order? Yes please let us know before you arrive. 
  • 7. Do you accept all major credit cards? Yes we accept AMX Discover Visa M/C or Cash
  • 8. What hours are you available for pickup & returns? Mon- Fri by appointment only.  Sat & Sun 8:00am t0 12:00pm. 
  • 9. Are the pictures on your website of the actual items? Yes
  • 10. Do you offer Delivery? No Customer Pickup Only.
  • 11. Can I pick up the order myself? Yes there is no delivery.
  • 12. Do you set up the equipment? No
  • 13. How do I pick the order up? Just place reservation and arrive at appointment time. Back into the driveway and ring the bell. We will come right out.
  • 14. What if I need to cancel or change my appointment time? Just give us a courtesy call so we can update the order. 
  • 16. Cleaning? All equipment except linens must be returned clean and free of food residue dirt and stains. If they are returned dirty there will be a $25 cleaning fee charged.
  • 17. Should I wash the linens? No we launder the linens ourselves.
  • 18. Do you charge a deposit? Only for our more expensive Concession Machines and Wedding Fountain. 
  • 19. Release of Liability Forms? You will be required to sign release of liability forms at the time of pickup.